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Shandong FengyuanTyre Manufacturing Co. Ltd. launched its second product series under the name Farroadtyre manufacturing unit in 2007. It is a budgeted brand that offers a full range of tyres with complementary advantages, and therefore the company has been steadily increasing their annual outputs.

We at Forzatyres meet the budgetary needs of our clients and hence have stocked this cheap Chinese tyre brand to make you and your wallet happy with the purchase. They have employed the international advanced design technology, with technical research and development.

Why Farroadtyres?

  • Advanced investigation and experimental equipment
  • Use of finite element analysis method
  • lessen noise level analysis.
  • Energy saving and environmentally friendly tyres
  • Safetyres with low rolling resistance
  • Anti-slippery high-end tyres
  • They give a good all round performance in both dry and wet conditions.
  • They ensure excellent water evacuation.
  • Aid in reducing fuel consumption levels.
  • They have been specially designed to withstand moderate climate changes every day to our driving conditions in the UK.
  • An economical option

These tyres meet the technical levels of advancements of the European standard and hence hold all the necessary certifications to get sold all over the world. Tyres are exported to the to Europe, America and other 67 countries and regions and are pitched at high-end markets.

We have models like

  • FRD16 Tyres that have been specifically designed for all types of cars and offers rigidity and stability.
  • The FRD26 is designed using tread compound that allows low rolling resistances.
  • Next, we have FRD18 with higher mileage levels, best suitable for small family cars.
  • The FRD28 have been precisely designed for SUV cars. Their distinctive tread pattern provides comfortability and longer mileage.

Forzatyres have been working with the Farroadtyres and offer almost unbelievable prices. If you are interested in obtaining some Farroadtyres for your cars, give us a call today or get in touch via the email else visit our outlet. All Farroadtyre patterns and sizes are available, take a look to see if they have the right car tyres for you.



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