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Founded in 1900, Fulda is the German tyre manufacturer (and since 2009 part of the Goodyear- Dunlop Group) that produces high quality products that guarantee safety and long-term performance at an excellent price.Fulda quality is the result of state-of-the-art research and development procedures with the aim of creating high-quality high-tech products to satisfy one of the most demanding markets in the world. Tested in Germany - from highways without speed limits to alpine regions with hard winter conditions, Fulda products have always been designed to offer maximum driving safety - even under the most demanding conditions. Fulda products are manufactured at 13 international locations. Nearly 10,000,000 tyres are sold worldwide. Fulda employs around 1800 people in Europe alone.

We at Forza Tyres always have a large selection of Fulda tyres available. Please have a look at a few examples below. For the full range, please have a look at our listing.

Fulda summer tyres:

Fulda EcoControl HP: Clever savings without compromise!

The EcoControl HP offers powerful handling and high running performance - at an affordable price. This fuel-efficient tyre offers excellent braking performance on wet and dry roads.


The SportControl 2 is an optimized UHP tyre designed for sporty driving. They benefit from short braking distances on a dry track and excellent control in wet conditions. In addition, the tyre convinces by a reduction in fuel consumption.


Reliable, sporty handling. The Ultra High Performance Summer tyre for high-performance vehicles.

The SportControl has been developed for controlled, sporty driving. Reliable handling and shorter braking distances during wet conditions and reduced fuel consumption.


Reduced fuel consumption, high running performance, excellent grip - for compact and medium-class vehicles.

Top marks for low-priced premium quality: Thanks to excellent running performance, short braking distances on wet roads and a markedly reduced fuel consumption, the Fulda EcoControl has already won several product tests.

Fulda All season tyres:


Whether on a dry, wet or snow-covered track - the MultiControl with state-of-the-art rubber compound ensures superior handling in all weather conditions and a high running performance.


The right answer to the special requirements that drivers of high-performance cars put to the tyres in winter.

The directional high-performance winter tyre with convincing winter characteristics thanks to the latest full-silica-tread mix with new polymers and wet-grip resins. Improved winter and wet performance due to bubble blades.


The high performance winter tyre impresses with its excellent adhesion on snowy, wet and dry roads, as well as its excellent price / performance ratio.


Performance and quality for all winter conditions. The latest technologies combine all the relevant properties in one product: high grip on snow and ice, very good dry and wet conditions and shorter braking distances - with a strong price / performance ratio.



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