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Gerutti Tyres

Gerutti is a tyre manufacturer for all those who are looking for a tyre model of the absolute budget class. These tyres are not only beneficial if you want to save money, they also have a fairly good standard. The tyres are manufactured in Indonesia with the aim of offering tyres for all passenger car models. Whether you are looking for tyres for your little Mazda or your jeep, you will surely find the matching tyres from this manufacturer.

Despite the fact that the tyres are manufactured in Asia, the primary goal of the company is to produce budget tyres for export. Tyres from Gerutti can be found on cars in many different countries. Especially in the USA it is very common to fit these Gerutti tyres on the cars. Even though the company is able to keep the prices of its products low, it does not necessary mean you would have to worry about quality and safety. At the factory in Indonesia, where all tyres are manufactured, every process step is monitored. Not only is the mixture of the raw materials and the original rubber mass from which the tyres are made, controlled. Just as much energy is used to ensure that the tyres meet all the basic requirements for stabilization and performance. This is one of the reasons why the tyres of Gerutti meet all international tyre safety standards.

Therefore choose tyres from Gerutti to save money without having to compromise too much on tyre quality. You will also find that this manufacturer has tyres for an incredible number of vehicle models of almost all sizes. With tyres from this company you have more left in your wallet!

Please have a look on our website. There you can see all available Gerutti tyres.Any questions? Need advice? Not sure which tyres to buy?No problem at all! Just contact us. We will always be happy to help.You can find our contact details and address on the homepage of this website.



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