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Goodride tyres

Tyre manufacturer Goodride impressively demonstrates that drivers do not have to compromise on quality and driving comfort with comparatively cheap tyres. No matter whether it is summer tyres or winter tyres, Goodride offers the right tyre for every weather and every vehicle. The quality of the material and the load-bearing capacity of the rubber are the most demanding requirements for Goodride tyres.

Goodride tyres have an optimized profile design that ensures good traction under extreme weather conditions. With a low rolling resistance and even wear, Goodride tyres guarantee high durability with consistently high quality.

All Goodride tyres on the European market are also subject to the so-called ECE approval. This ensures that Goodride tyres meet the highest quality requirements despite their low price. This also applies to the driving behavior on both dry and

wet surfaces. A good braking behavior and good vehicle control round off the quality features of the Goodride tyres.

Goodride winter tyres:

The rubber blend of the Goodride winter tyres is designed to remain flexible at both positive and negative levels to ensure adhesion at all times. In addition, it wears evenly for a high running performance and with low rolling resistance. This also contributes to fuel savings.

These are some of our Goodride winter tyres:

  • Goodride SW658
  • Goodride SW608
  • Goodride SW606 FrostExtreme
  • Goodride SW612
  • Goodride SW601

Goodride Summer tyres

The manufacturer Goodride attaches particular importance to the safety during the production of its summer tyres. For this reason, the quality of the tyres is constantly monitored and improved.

Thanks to the new profile of the tyres, Goodride Summer tyres provide optimum grip and stability on dry as well as on wet surfaces. For this purpose, the reduced rolling resistance is noticeable in a particularly high driving comfort.

Goodride summer tyres guarantee maximum mileage and are particularly quiet at all speeds. This is ensured by the low rolling resistance.

Goodride summer tyres impressively prove that for a good quality you do not always have to dig deep into your pockets. Of course, it should be borne in mind that there are certain differences in the products of the brand manufacturers in such tyres. Nevertheless, customers at Goodride do not have to do without good quality.

Here some examples for Goodride summer tyres available:

  • Goodride SA-07
  • Goodride SU307 AWD/li>
  • Goodride SU318 H / T
  • Goodride RADIAL SL369 A / T
  • Goodride SC328 Radial
  • Goodride RP28
  • Goodride SV308
  • Goodride SA37 Sport
  • Goodride SL309 Radial
  • Goodride SL305 Radial

Goodride All season tyres

If you are interested in good, budget All season tyres, have a look at these please:

Goodride SW602 All Seasons

Goodride SU318 H/T



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