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Haida Tyres

The Haida company is based in China and is the successful manufacturer of Summer tyres, Winter tyres and also All-season tyres, primarily for passenger cars. They combine a modern rubber blend with a profiled design, which is geared to ensure safety and profitability alike. This also includes a low rolling resistance for low fuel consumption. In addition, even abrasion ensures good grades when worn. The rolling noise of a tyre, which has an influence on the driving comfort, is also very important.

Because Haida tyres are available in so many different sizes, almost everyone can find the right product from this brand. Because of the excellent price / performance ratio, they are particularly interesting for our more cost-conscious drivers.

Low prices when buying from our great Haida tyre range:

Here at Forza Tyres we are able to offer you many different Summer tyres, Winter tyres and All season tyres at very reasonable prices. Therefore the Haida tyre brand has also been included into our extensive tyre range in different sizes and versions, specifically for your car. Just type the required tyre size or/and your vehicle reg. number into our search engine to find the right tyres with ease. Within seconds you will see which of the tyres are best suited to your vehicle.Characteristics of various Haida tyres:

To find out all about the Haida tyres available, please have a quick look at the respective product description or the EU tyre label for the corresponding tyre. At this point, however, we can already tell you that all these tyres belong to the budget class but can also handle higher speeds without any problems. Just select the right model and tyre size and you can have fun with these budget tyres without regret.

If you are not sure which tyres to buy, couldn't find a specific tyre you have been looking for or need some general information regarding our tyres, please do not hesitate to contact us. You will find our contact details on our main page on this website. We will always be happy to speak to you.



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