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Jinyu is one of the leading Chinese tyre manufacturers and was founded in 1995. It is not only one of the largest companies in the country, but also a company with one of the most efficient and state-of-the-art production facilities in the country. Not least, Jinyu is regarded by many foreign companies as the most reliable and best tyre manufacturer in China. One of the reasons is that the company operates a consistent quality control so that the products always guarantee the highest quality. Also, the prices of Jinyu are very good. They are sold in more than 100 countries around the world. If you happen to choose a random car on the road, chances are high that this particular car is equipped with tyres from this manufacturer.

Jinyu offers tyres for a variety of vehicles, but especially for normal cars and trucks. They have an extensive offer for SUVs as well as for light off-road vehicles of various kinds, which over many years withstand the toughest conditions, without disappointing in performance.

The philosophy of the tyres of Jinyu is based on four pillars. First, they offer the highest possible level of comfort. In addition, they are designed for as quiet a drive as possible, which is particularly important for the environment. Incorrectly designed tyres can generate a lot of noise. They have also been designed to be as safe as possible and to provide the driver with the best possible control over the vehicle.

If you choose tyres from Jinyu, you are doing what many drivers before you have already done: choose tyres that are cheap and offer high quality as well as long life. With tyres of this leading Chinese tyre manufacturer you get a product with very good driving characteristics. The tyres are quiet, safe and reliable. And, last but not least, cheap for your wallet.

We at Forza Tyres always have a wide selection of Jinyu Summer tyres, Winter tyres and All season tyres available in many different sizes. Please have a look at the listing on this website. There you should be able to find the right tyre for your vehicle within a very short time. If you have any question, need advice or help with ordering, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Our very experienced team of experts will be happy to assist you.



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