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Joyroad Tyres

Thank you very much for taking the time to look at our short tyre manufacturer's information.

Joyroad Tyres are being produced by the Chinese company SHANDONG ZHONGYI RUBBER CO.,LTD.

The company was founded in 2004 and by now over 2800 members of staff are working on the impressive 600,000 square meter company premises.

SHANDONG ZHONGYI RUBBER CO.,LTD is equipped with the best available manufacturing equipment from all over the world and setting high standards for themselves. All products undergo very strict controls, resulting in good quality products.

ZHONGYI has the ISO/IS16949 and ISO1400 as well as E-MARK,ECE R117, GCC, INMETRO,BIS and SNI. Also the OHSAS18001 and the ISO17025. The tyres also comply with DOT.

Currently ZHONGYI is also the producer of the tyre brands has four tire brands CENTARA, ARDENT and XENEX.

The company produces over 500 different tyre sizes in Summer tyres, Winter tyres, All season Tyres, SUV/4x4 tyres and Runflat tyres. ZHONGYI is one of only a few tyre producers world wide, using the so called "run-flat and leak-proof technology".

Joyroad Tyres are being very well-sold in over a 100 countries worldwide - they are especially popular in North America,South-America, Europe,the Middle-East, Australia, Asia, and African countries.

Here are only a few of the Joyroad Tyres available. For more tyres of this brand, please have a look at our listing on this website.Within seconds you will be able to see all our available Joyroad tyres.

  • Car tyre
  • Summer
  • HP RX3
  • Sport RX6
  • Tour RX1
  • 4x4 tyres / SUV tires
  • summer
  • RX702 SUV
  • RX706 SUV
  • Commercial vehicle tyres / SUV tyres
  • summer
  • Milemax RX501
  • VAN RX5

As mentioned before, this is only a small selection of budget Joyroad tyres available. If you can't find what you are looking for or need some specific advice regarding this (or any other) tyre brand, please call us, send us a message via email - or simply come over to our shop. You can find all our contact details on this website's home page. All our experienced experts are always ready to help.We are confident, you will find the perfect tyre for your vehicle - and your wallet.



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