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Tyre Manufacturers - Kumho Tyres

Korean tyre manufacturing company- Kumho stands among the top and reliable tyre manufacturing units in the world and is supplying superior quality tyres around the world since 1960. With almost 60 years of experience in the tyre industry, Kumho provides more than 68 million tyres per year globally everywhere from Australia to Zimbabwe, India to the USA, etc. Their experience extends into the prestigious world of Formula 1 events too.

Forzatyres deal with Kumhotyres that have long been connected with quality and security. With almost 60 years of experience, Kumho is tantamount with performance and value for money. These tyres deliver high cornering ability at high speed and a strong resistance to aquaplaning which makes them safe on wet roads. We have KumhoEcsta Supra, Radial 798 plus, Powergrip KC11, Winter KumhoIzen, Road Venture MT and many more prestigious Kumhotyres available in various sizes and patterns.

Models- Kumho KU31 is designed for the drivers of SUVs and 4X4s with safety, stability and value for money in mind. The asymmetric tread design and unique quality silica tread compound makes it the perfect tyre for luxury SUVs. It delivers High cornering, stability and resistance to aquaplaning and offers a quiet and comfortable ride at all times. Same way Kumho KL17 provides an irregular and multi-pitch design which is intended to reduce noise while driving efficiently. This sporty tyre is also designed to avert irregular wear and hence develop ride comfort.

Why Kumhotyres?

  • Best materials used in the manufacturing process.
  • Innovative technology and advanced design.
  • Attractive and functional tread patterns.
  • Reinforced sidewalls
  • high tensile steel belts etc.

Therefore, We feel proud to provide Kumhotyres throughout the town in our physical outlet, in the section of our website, etc. For further details visit our store where our specialists will help you in selecting the right Kumhotyre model for your vehicle.



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