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Tyre Manufacturers - Landsail Tyres

Landsail tyres are being produced in China and marketed through the Sentaida group. The production of Landsail tyres has started in 2008. Due to the enormous human resources, very large industrial space and advanced technology, the company is able to produce up to 16 million tyres per year without fail.

A wide range of Landsail tyres are being manufactured for cars, SUV/4x4 vehicles and  light commercials vehicles. There are Landsail winter tyres, summer tyres and high performance tyres available in an amazing range of sizes. 

For the company research and development of new tyre patterns and materials is very important.All products are tested regularly for safety.

Please check out our range of Landsail tyres available here on our Forza Tyres website. We are sure, you will find the right tyres for your vehicle at the very best price. In case you need help choosing your tyres, please let us know. Just give us a call, send us an email or come directly to our shop in Fengate (Peterborough). We will be happy to help.



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