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Here we have put a little bit of information together about Marangoni Tyres.

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The credibility and experience of a globally active industrial company on the one hand and the high product quality on the other are the cornerstones of the business activity of Marangoni, a major player on the European new tyre market for passenger cars, SUVs and vans.

The traditional key principles of the Marangoni range are: 100% "Made in Italy", special and high-performance tyres, the exclusive "Marangoni guarantee for lifetime" - which protects the tyres against damage under normal circumstances - a high service level and the most important : Intensive customer support.

Marangoni's strong commitment to technological research is reflected in a tyre program that delivers performance on safety and sustainability.

The tyes are produced exclusively in Italy: development, design and production are carried out at the Anagni plant near Rome and at the Rovereto factory near Trento, where the products are manufactured on the state-of-the-art MTM manufacturing island.

The distribution network, which is mainly made up of contractors, with whom Marangoni has established a partnership-based relationship, which is steadily gaining value from new forms of cooperation, is decisive for the success and implementation of the brand. A formula that, in addition to efficient customer service, ensures rapid response and flexibility of demand.



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