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Tyre Manufacturers - Nexen Tyres

Nexen tyres are built on new innovative technologies and methods. The manufacturing procedures of this brand are well known in the world of the tyre. The design has won the awards for manufacturing the best classic structured tryes. It gives a pleasant satisfaction when it is assembled in the vehicle.

Originally, it has been established in the year of 1942. The name was different at that time, but now it has changed to Nexen and as per the name, it has lots of recognition. Over the 60 years of tradition, Nexen has respected as the leader in the tyre industry. It is also well famous for the Korea’s first ever tyre company. With time the production growth increased so rapidly that now it’s been recognized as the brand in the market. 

Nexen means Nex (Next) and Xen (century) altogether, it’s the next generation all-time favorite brand of tyre.  The year they have changed the name with the concept, the same year they were in the list of KOSPI 200 Index future market. Due to the quality statement and the stability in the market, customers were so attached that they are unable to choose other tyres as compared to Nexen Tyres in Peterborough. It has standardized services and valuable as per the quality. According to the research, it has been increasing in the sale day by day. Its domestic market share has increased from 8% to 20%, with annual sales now beyond million dollars. Buy Nexen Tyre in fengate since it is currently exported to more than 100 countries and well renowned. This particular tyre is meant for luxurious cars and helps in falling strain and in giving a better car mileage. 

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Key Specification:

Best tyre design -It ensures best design, structure, and performance with control on all planes. This helps in excellence in ride or quality ride. 

Lightweight outline – it is waterproof and decreases the strain chance to the tyre. It is fuel-efficient and increases the chances of reduced usage of fuel. 



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