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With an automotive history of hundred years, Pirelli is one of the widest types of tyres used in automobiles all over the globe. Italy-based tyre manufacturing unit- Pirelli was established in 1872 by Giovanni Battista Pirelli. With immense growth and advancements in their production techniques, today Pirelli is the fifth largest manufacturing tyre unit in the world. Pirelli has changed the boundaries of style and technology when it comes to tyres and is globally setting the trend. Pirelli also manufactures tyres for sporty motorcycles size ranging from 16 to 18 inches. Pirelli tyres are much more reasonable and economic tyres than any other branded competitors.

Today 5 out of 10 queen models like BMW, Ferrari, Audi or Bentley, etc., are originally equipped with Pirelli tyres. Hence there is no second doubt on Pirelli tyres when it comes to security, durability and mega performances.

Today's generation loves speed and adventure in their lives. They are using the latest cutting edge technologies in the manufacturing of tyres to accomplish the specific needs of luxurious look, the best performance of the customers of prestige car segment and aim to change the limitations of stylishness and technology and hence to set the trend for others to follow all over the world. To ensure peaceful, comfortable ride, they use unique tread pattern to reduce the noise frequencies.

Why Pirelli tyres?

  • These tyres provide you with safety in all type of weather environments which ultimately protects you from various investments in its wear and tear again and again.
  • These tyres are manufactured using innovative technologies generated by conducting series of researches and experimentations.
  • It ensures you to drive with full control and confidence even on wet, snowy and dry roads preventing from any sudden failure or crash.
  • These superior tyres guarantee the protection from aquaplaning which prevents your car to float by ensuring complete control while driving in such conditions and many more benefits.
  • They deliver the best output in extreme conditions also. Pirelli uses groundbreaking ways to manufacture environment-friendly tyres with ultra-mega performance.
  • Forzatyre is ruling the United Kingdom and surrounding areas by being the primary supplier of Pirelli tyres. We have popularly demanded pair’s like

  • Pirelli Scorpion STR, Pirelli Cinturato P1, Pirelli P7 and all season tyre Pirelli Scorpion Zero, etc.
  • To meet the needs of winter seasons, we have Winter Pirelli 190, Ice Zero FR that work well on wet or snowy roads.
  • For summer seasons, Pirelli carrier tyre is the best suitable option for all the regular cars
  • The Cinturato P7 will be the better choice if you want to get the high performances along with safety while driving.

We always decide to give our best through the tyres and services we offer to our clients. Pirelli and Forzatyres are the two names that you can trust. For further queries, please contact.



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