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Silverstone Tyres are manufactured by Silverstone Berhad, a Malaysian company remarkable for its success. The first tyre of Silverstone was manufactured in the year 1986. But now it’s a fast growing company in the world. Recently, it’s a subsidiary of Toyo tyres, which well renowned Japanese Tyre company. 

Toyo has improvised the quality and new technology of the Silverstone tyre, which performs as a high quality and trusted product internationally. In the marketplace, it has gained a vast fame and main selling point that’s Price. Yes, the product is too affordable. The standard they have maintained for long is still continuing. It emphasizes mainly on performances and quality standards. It also aims at safety concept by providing a grip safety feature to a tyre. 

The name is itself a famous concept, which has laid foundation glowing. Silverstone’s visions are very clear revolving in one goal - Worlds Superior Tyre Manufacturer. It is indeed a proud statement as to be the first tyre manufacturer in Malaysia. It produces and also exports Z-rated low profile tyres. 

Silverstone tyres in Newark is now industrializing in a range of high-class Performance Tyres and an exceptional range of passenger car, SUV, and light truck tyres. The tyres ensure smooth and stable driving features for any cars sized from small to a heavier one. The winter tyre manages in every temperature from low to hot and provides flexibility and security in any season by challenging weather conditions. There are 100 of tyres available in the market, but amongst those, Silverstone is a brand name and classic collection of a user. 

Buy Silverstone tyres in Newark from the online shop just to take the advantage of the free delivery policy. These expert products are available in any sizes, shapes and grips, models and much more. As per the taste, the quality and price will differ. It is suitable for many vehicles and makes more idealistic. Buy now online Silverstone Tyre and take the benefits of the excellent offers and customer services!

Key Specification

Deliver good traction and stability on and off the road.

Reasonable price 

Excellent quality and performance



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