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Netherlands-based VredesteinTyres belongs to the Apollo tyres manufacturing unit and is known for producing quality tyres since 1909. Initially, the company was known for producing the winter tyres but now has excelled in the making of all season, summer as well as winter tyres. Most of their tyres are manufactured in Enschede using the most modern and state of the art technology. They have another manufacturing plant in Russia and exports the tyres produced in these plants to the other leading developed nations of the world including USA, Europe, and the UK, etc. The company invests heavily in their Research and development which again in returns enhances the level of efficiency of the tyres. The brand is used as Original equipment in most of the vehicles and hence supports many major racing events.

Why VredesteinTyres?

  • Where these tyres offer a bundle of benefits at the same time they give the cars a classic and sporty look.
  • Their availability in various sizes and patterns make it easy for the drivers to choose from as per their car models and sizes
  • VredesteinTyres is not at all about the outlook they possess but also have a broad horizon of delivering high performance, stability, responsiveness, traction and control, etc. on all types of roads and surfaces.
  • Tread compounds and tread designs used in the designing helps withstands changeable harsh weather and challenging conditions.
  • Different models have different speed and load indexes that make them capable for not only passenger cars but also for other vehicles too like light trucks, vans, etc.
  • State of the art technology offers shorter braking distances on snowy, icy or wet surfaces and avoids the risk of skidding or slipping on such slippery grounds.

At Forzatyres, you will be glad to see the widest assortment of the Vredesteintyres to meet you all season, summer as well as winter season requirements.

  • One of the best and well-renowned pairs of winter tyres from the Vredestein family is the VredesteinSnowTrac 5 tyre. Its Chevron-shaped tread design has made it capable of competing with other winter tyres from other leading tyre manufacturers like Bridgestone, Nokian, Michelin, etc. The pair outshines on wet terrains as the directional tread pattern helps in the smooth dispersion of water on wet surfaces.
  • The Vredestein Winter Xtreme S tyre is another winter tyre, with great wet, and ice and snow resistances. Not only is this but all the models from the house capable of withstanding the harsh cold conditions.
  • We have other models too like All-Season tyreVredesteinComtrac with a robust belt construction and VredesteinQuatrac 5 tyre and the VredesteinUltrac Cento tyre.
  • Irrespective of the model, VredesteinTyres are the tyres that you can trust on and can never go wrong with. We recommend using these tyres as a replacement for your old set of tyres. We will guide you regarding the various sizes and patterns. Please feel free to communicate with our expertise.



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