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Are you looking for Vehicle Inspection and Service for your vehicle?


Complete Vehicle inspection and service at Forza Tyres in Peterborough at the fairest prices in town.

Regular inspections of a vehicle not only ensure safety by detecting and repairing damage at an early stage but also sustains the value of a car. At Forza Tyres in Peterborough, you get the complete inspection/service including all compulsory parts.

complete inspection/service including all compulsory parts. The inspection offer is calculated and compiled individually for your vehicle. You only pay the calculated price - without any extra costs. Replacement of defective parts is only carried out if necessary and only if you agree.

Maintenance of the manufacturing guarantee

We carry out all inspections/services strictly according to the manufacturer's instructions. This includes a visual and functional test, which includes the following: car light and electronics, exhaust system, tyres, body and interior, brakes, chassis and engine compartment. We make sure the manufacturer's guarantee stays intact.

More safety thanks to brand quality

Cheap replica parts are a safety risk and often do not last very long. That is why we use only high quality, branded products in our workshop.

So, when you bring your vehicle to us, we make sure you get:

  • Fair prices: Point accuracy calculated for your Vehicle inspection/service.
  • Fair dates: Simply book your desired date and time at your convenience.
  • Fair quality: Exclusively use of spare parts in original quality.
  • Fair work: Exactly according to the specifications of the manufacturer.

Why not book your Vehicle inspection with your next MOT. Everything will be done in one go - for total peace of mind - and to save excellent money.